Imagine smart dies – dies with vitals that can be monitored, somewhat like a physician monitors a patient. With our electronic in-die sensoring program, you’re not only assured full die protection, you’re assured that every part is validated – that the manufacturing excellence we build in is monitored and maintained to help guarantee zero defects in your parts. We monitor both die and press in our work centers. Our die sensoring program monitors values for any variation, reduces unscheduled tool maintenance, reduces set-up time, and optimizes feed and press performance.

Real time monitoring provides operators with information while the press is running, allowing precise adjustment of input parameters. A wide variety of part and tool sensitive features are monitored. These settings are stored in an historical control, allowing for quick repeatable set-ups of complicated tools. Numerous sensors can be used for specific applications based on task, type of material, speed of press and other factors. Our tool room personnel, customer service and scheduling all have access to a PAC-NET centralized data system from their workstations, making response time immediate and allowing progress of orders to be monitored.

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